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2022 ART SHOW NOW Closed


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Two years ago Hadfield Open Art Show was ready to celebrate its 10thAnniversary but then Lockdown struck and we could not hold the Show in 2020 or in 2021. This year we are, at last, planning to celebrate our 10thAnniversary with a greatly extended programme for all the family, taking place over a full week between Saturday May 28th to Saturday June 4th inclusive at Hadfield Hall and The Craft Barn.  Open weekends from 10am – 4pm and week days  from 11am – 3pm. Free Entry.

All events run concurrently with the Derbyshire Open Arts Programme and it’s hoped that  visitors to studios and galleries will make their way to Hadfield to see the Open Art Show at the Hall and the children’s show at The Craft Barn. For more information about Children’s Exhibition see below.

Entries to the adult Art Show will be welcome from artists across Glossopdale and further afield. Bring your work (up to 3 pieces per adult, £3 each) together with the completed entry form below to Hadfield Hall on Tuesday May 24th between 2pm – 7pm

The Open Art Show at the Hall will be judged by artist Carl Longmate – winner of Derbyshire Open and Adrian Lambert – Professional photographer and Maxine Pigram – textile artist.

Sponsorship: Many thanks go to Derbyshire and High Peak Councillors for their support in sponsoring the event


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Click here for the entry form               Art Show Entry Form 2022

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Artists in Residence
Greg Williamson (Saturday 28th) and Karen Heywood (Sunday 29th) artists both based in Glossop will be showing and demonstrating their work in the Community Room at Hadfield Hall.
Greg WilliamsonPublication1


Talks by Michael and Ghislaine Howard

An Evening with Michael Howard

Artist and Art Historian

Wednesday June 1st 7pm – 9pm St Andrew’s Church



Friday June 3 rd   7pm – 9pm St Andrew’s Church

An Evening with Ghislaine Howard

International Artist from Glossop


For further information about Ghislaine’s work, visit

At both these events there will be refreshments and a retiring donation


Ever wanted to paint but not known where to start? Here is an opportunity to have a go at different media and techniques. The workshops below are for beginners over 16 and take place at the Hall in the Community Room 1pm – 4pm on the following dates.

  1. Monday 30th May: Acrylics with Sue Finley.
  2. Tuesday 31st May: Oils with Lawrence Worrall.
  3. Wednesday 1st June: Pastels with David Woodrow
  4. Thursday 2nd June Portraits with Pete Cowan

Acrylic Painting. May 30th

Sue Finley

WILDWOODS – Adventures in acrylics.

Have fun and let your imagination run riot as you experiment with a range of colours and techniques. Materials and refreshments included

Email to book a place and for further information

Fee £15

Introduction to Oil Painting – May 31st


Just turn up and complete your masterpiece in one single session in a relaxed  and friendly atmosphere. For more information:

Call 00161 284 2187


Fee £25

Pastels – June 1st

David Woodrow (2)

Thanks to David Woodrow we are able to offer this opportunity for you to learn to use pastels led by an expert. Materials and refreshments included.

Call 07856 697923 to book a place.

Fee: £15

Pencil Portraits: June 2nd

portrait workshop


Ever fancied trying your hand at drawing? Now’s your chance. We’ll provide all the materials you’ll need to enjoy this fascinating subject. Plus tea and biscuits.

Call 01457 868685 to book a place.

Fee £15


The phrase Pro Loco is Latin and means ‘In favour of the place’. A ‘Pro Loco event’ therefore aims to promote a particular place. We would like to promote Hadfield and are planning a painting competition in Hadfield on one dayFriday June  3rd  . Through the artwork which will be displayed we hope that residents and visitors will have a further opportunity to share and enjoy the many interesting areas of Hadfield.

Local residents and visitors will be invited to judge the paintings and the most popular will be awarded a prize.

We are asking all artists – residents and visitors who are 16 and over – to come and paint a scene of their own choosing in Hadfield  on Friday June 3rd.

img213 (2)

Artists will register in the morning between 8.30 and 11am at Hadfield Hall and have their paper or canvas stamped. Finished work will then be returned between 2.30 – 3.30pm to the Hall and displayed. Fee:£5

Hadfield Pro Loco Painting Competition

Registration: Community Room Hadfield Hall

Friday June 3rd 2022

Information and Conditions

This is the first Pro Loco to be held in Hadfield. The Competition is organised by Friends of Hadfield Hall (FOHH) as part of the Jubilee celebrations.


Artists (16 and over) should complete a painting in Hadfield during the day, on Friday June 3rd  Artists are encouraged to choose a location that promotes Hadfield.

Registration and stamping of material. Entrance Fee: £5

  • Artists should register between 8.30 am – 11am at Hadfield Hall and have their canvas/paper stamped officially. Only material that has been stamped can be used.
  • Artists can submit TWO pieces of material to be stamped but only ONE art work can be displayed.
  • Artists are free to choose any medium- e.g. oil, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, graphite

Finished work

Completed artwork which must remain unsigned should be returned to the Hall between 2.30om – 3.30pm  to be displayed. Paintings should be framed or mounted.


Between 4pm – 5pm artwork will be judged by local residents and visitors in the Community Room at Hadfield Hall. One prize will be awarded. Canvassing for votes is not allowed.

Prize Giving

This will take place after 5pm in the Community Room. Paintings must not be sold until after the Prize Giving and all sales must be done by private negotiation. Friends of Hadfield Hall will not be keeping any entries.

Collection of Work

Artists must collect their work before 6pm

Copyright and data protection

  • All copyright remains with the artist unless assigned in writing
  • As FOHH will collect contact details from entrants  in the registration artists are asked  to confirm that they agree to these details only being used to contact them in future about further artistic events in Hadfield.

Open to children under the age of 16. Work (1 piece of work per child, entry free) should be brought to the Community room, Hadfield Hall on Tuesday 24th May between 2pm – 6pm.

All artwork must be ready to hang – either framed or backed with cardboard and strung

The Children’s Exhibition will judged by Alison Hargreaves –  Children’s Art Tutor for Ready Steady Paint. Children’s Art Trail to take place around Hadfield during the duration  of the Exhibition.

Family Workshops in The Craft Barn


Booking:  To guarantee a place in advance, choose a session time and arrange directly with Helen Robson at ragtimetextiles,  07790915911 for bookings and payment.

Monster Doodles



Led by: Artist and Children’s Illustrator Chellie Carroll

When: Tuesday 31st May (Session 1.  10-11am) (Session 2. 11.30 – 12.30) (Session 3. 1.30-2.30pm)

Who: Children age 5-11 accompanied by an adult.

Cost: £5 per child

Session Time: 1 hour

Activity:  Creating and illustrating monsters and fun characters in a free doodle style.

Booking:  Choose a session time and arrange directly with Chellie at

Ovington at for bookings and payment


CraftBarnMarblingCreationclub (002)

For more information please contact Annette Hetherington;  

phone 07946 513973 or email; 

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Click here   for the Children’s Registration Form      2022

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For more information contact: